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Who should read this blog and why?

I have questioned that myself many times. In fact, I attempted to write this two years ago and then gave up. Not because of trying but due to lack of clarity in my own mind on the purpose and the value to my readers.  Slowly I gave way to the concept of sharing my ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experience through virtual interactions/conversations rather than in person conversation. That became the purpose of this blog.

What do I intend to write about:

  • Business and IT. This is my personal and professional favorite. I like to share the latest thoughts, ideas, concepts relating to how Business and IT are converging to create value.
  • Strategy. Focus on the analysis of a particular strategy/concept.
  • Startups. I was humbled by own experience of launching B2B SaaS startup. I have learned a lot, more importantly the journey (still continuing) has helped me dig deeper into many aspects of my personal and professional life.
  • Skills and Tools. I want to make “you” the reader awesome in Communication skills (specifically powerpoint, excel and executive communications). I intend to share what I have learnt from the best and also what I practice.

If you are interested in these topics either professionally or personally, then this blog is for you.  Specifically this blog could useful for you if

  • You are part of an IT Organization (CIOs, VPs, Dirs and Managers)
  • You are a Business Manager that is intrigued by Technology or responsible for Business of Technology
  • You are an Entrepreneur (Current or Future)
  • You are a Management or Technology Consultant

I will be categorizing my posts that fit to these topics above. I will some times stray away from these categories based on what intrigues as I read or come across (both virtual and real world).



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