Emergence of #CEOofIT / #CEOofTechnology, the next frontier for Technology executives (CIOs/CTOs)

Technology is a nascent function compared to others in any organization. It has become a function of its own late 80’s and early 90’s. Now with so many advancements in the technology space predominantly Web, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, Wearables etc., the IT or technology is becoming integral to the success of any organization. The […]

Why I bought MBA i.e MacBook Air? What it means to computing Vendors

MagSafe power plug and USB and headphone and microphone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I am (or was) an hardcore Windows advocate and still consider one. However, my recent experience in replacing my reliable Thinkpad taught me that something else is happening in the laptop world that is helping drive MacBook Sales. It seems Apple got the […]