Startup Predicament: Guide to fulfilling Startup dreams for experienced professionals by Raja Pabba

Contemplating whether or not to join a startup venture can be a daunting task.  Where should you begin?  What challenges will you face?  Is it the right move for you?  What are the benefits?  These types of questions are just the tip of the iceberg; there are numerous concerns to consider before deciding to take the plunge into the startup lifestyle.

Startup Predicament Book

Startup Predicament by Raja Pabba

I wrote “Startup Predicament” to provide guidance to the professional who is considering joining a startup.  In this book you will find the truth regarding the advantages, as well as the challenges involved in joining a startup.

I have also developed detailed exercises designed to aid you in determining if joining a startup is right for you and to facilitate you in developing and executing a detailed plan of action to join a startup.  You will acquire the tools you need to scrutinize yourself, your life situation, and the opportunities available.  We delve into what is really entailed in joining a startup and explore the startup environment in detail.

The topics explored in The Startup Predicament include:

  • An in depth exploration of whether you might be a good fit for a startup
  • What an entrepreneur is
  • The environment and structure of a startup
  • Key dimensions of a startup
  • Developing and executing a plan to join a startup

Joining a Startup as a professional has it’s risks and rewards. I hope this book provides necessary tools for you to achieve your dream of joining a Startup. You can buy this book on Amazon by clicking here.

Good luck!

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