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+1 for Microsoft – OneNote for Mac Free!!

Microsoft OneNote for Mac Free

One Note - Best New App

There is always love-hate relationship with Microsoft and Mac Users. Many that switched to Mac (including myself) have cringed at the fact that not all the great apps from Microsoft are not available on Mac. Besides my loathing for Windows 8, I am a fan of Microsoft Office like many. It is a great cash cow for Microsoft Office. Although Google Docs and Apple Pages/Numbers/Keynote are attempting to unthrone Microsoft from top of the food chain. One thing that Microsoft made a huge impact on many is the introduction of One Note. It is a great product and I have been using it since it launched and I enjoyed it very much using it on TabletPC (side note: I never could understand why Microsoft abandoned Table PC in mid 2000’s, if not it could have had a good success in the tablet segment). One Note sort of created this habit and dependency among many on taking notes, storing content, setting up reminders, integrating with outlook etc.

When I moved to Mac, I dearly missed OneNote. I found that I wasn’t the only one, there are numerous community posts about this. I had then resorted to VMWare fusion to integrate OneNote into my life on Mac. One could do the same with Parallels. I was hoping that Microsoft would listen to this immense feedback about OneNote and how it could get love from Mac users. And finally they did!

Microsoft has released basic version of OneNote for Mac that too for Free. It is now available on App Store and is one of the “Best New Apps”. I have been using this app for the past two days and I am loving it. The best part and I think Microsoft is beginning to get it right is that I am now able to sync and view my old OneNote Notebooks through windows accounts. So now my OneNote on Windows laptop is in sync with OneNote on my Mac. A true state of bliss if you are an avid OneNote user and need to manage your life with Windows Laptop and Mac.

If you are OneNote enthusiast like me, would love to hear your thoughts.

— Raja

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